Tell me O life
Where am I going to see you?
Is it there
Where no shadow of sadness fall
Is it there
Where eyes don’t get wet?
Or there
Where we don’t crave
For the unwanted desires…
Is it there
Where you are not sad?
Or there
Where we are away from the ruthless loneliness?
Or a hope where
There are no sunderance from happiness?



A girl I know
Beautiful like a full moon
hovering over the sky
Her eyes so bright and deep
I see my world
mapped around those eyes
Her voice so melodious
That it sounds like a
Nightingale Singing passionately
And it would draw
Everything around without acquiesces
Her smile so glorious
That it would seem enough
To light up all my nights
And I am in love with her
She is beyond any words
And I am so deeply in love with her.
I can feel my agony
Fading, when the calm of
Her face faces me,
I can see how my life
Would look like,
Through her eyes.
I can feel how the
Affection grows stronger
Every time I get a glimpse
Of the serenity, she seizes

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Voice of Air

Whisper of air
I hear in my ear,
They seem like
They come from my hometown,
Calling out all the cherished moments,
They bring me the memories,
Of those innocent days,
All those talks of wisdom
I used to had with my Father
Under the beautiful sky,
Filled with stars,
They call out for my return,
As I pass through this Street
Called life
Somewhere in the corner of mind,
A stubborn child
Never stops yelling to
Leave these all behind,
And run to Life,
They scream you belong there
Not in this vast, rapid
Running city.

An introvert’s diary

I know a guy

He looks like me

But he is not exactly me

Maybe he’s my shadow

Maybe i’m his,

Shadows are something which always stick to us. 

Tawny in color, hairs like a black thick wall

Eyes shrunken, body like a floating river.

He appears like an old tree,

Talks like an old soul,

Most of the time

Not a word from mouth,

But when he does it comes as a shock.

He looks calm like a dead island,

Face as if he has been wafting around thoughts,

Silent like he has been wrecked,

Sagaciously hiding the feelings,

Awkwardly behaving against strangers.

But there’s an other side of him i know about,

That he’s more than a guy addicted to sleep,

That he’s more than a social media geek,

He’s more than a guy glued to his phone, 

That not always he keeps his face burried in books,

He also likes talking to people,

But with the ones he trusts. 

He likes joining the parties,

Accompanied by his known ones. 

He also likes having a long conversation,

But Not the dizzy ones.

Although he stays alone most of the time,

But what’s wrong in that?

Stop stereotyping him,

He’s someone,

Someone you never glanced upon,

Try giving him a chance,

You would never leave him.

He has a world of his own,

His own imaginary world,

He don’t open up easily,

Make an effort to open him up,

He needs time to think about interaction,

He needs  time to build up the next conversation.

School life

Although there‘s much more to see, many moments to be kept in the sac of memory. But this, ending of school life, brings end to an era, brings end to childhood. The memory of my Father taking me to school for the first time still hits me like, it happened yesterday only. I still remember the joy of coming home after school. I was weird, aggressive and stubborn as a kid but it all ended with the time. I never had this feeling that with end of my weirdness, aggressiveness, stubbornness the best part of life will be ceased. There were days when everything was new. From learning alphabets to learning rhymes, from learning numbers to learning names of creatures, from getting excellent on homework to submitting classwork before others. I remember reading out loud the rhymes and stories in a cadenced way. I remember how i used to step inside the school earlier to get the front seat and then put copies on side benches to reserve seatsfor friends. I remember the fun we used to had when the classroom was put under control of seniors on absence of class teacher. I remember peeping around the other classes when my teacher used to stand me out for not getting the homework done. I remember when we had to sing song or deliver dialogues of Bollywood movies during extra classes. That part was one of the best because that was the only moment when we were all free with the teacher and used to had fun around them. Particularly my favourite part about school life was of classes during rainy season. Running out of class, seeing our school ground turn into pond, shouting out loud with entire class. I remember how frolic those moments used to be.

Time flies hastily. From listening rhymes to loving old Bollywood melodies, from lullabies to deep melancholic poetries of Mirza Ghalib and Jaun Eliah, from bringing tiffin to rushing to canteen to get samoosas for friends. Everything changed in between. There are so many reminisces which brings tears as well as smile. As the time passes bymoments become memories buried somewhere down the lane. And nothing can ever steal those memories no matter where i go or what i become in future.

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