Few broken words,


Summed up as my existence
Ever so marvelous
When my thoughts lurk around you
Who am I fooling
Are they ever distant?
Air, clouds across the firmament
Light feathered clouds
The rays of sunshine
Penetrating through them,
Every speck around me smiles
And my being
Even after long aching of longings
Shines ablaze
As if the wretched soul
Found some color
Every shade resembles you
Every idea visualizes you
Entire existence stops at you
Every cell talks to you
Dusk till dawn


Even when I am walking
Or talking



Tell me O life
Where am I going to see you?
Is it there
Where no shadow of sadness fall
Is it there
Where eyes don’t get wet?
Or there
Where we don’t crave
For the unwanted desires…
Is it there
Where you are not sad?
Or there
Where we are away from the ruthless loneliness?
Or a hope where
There are no sunderance from happiness?


A girl I know
Beautiful like a full moon
hovering over the sky
Her eyes so bright and deep
I see my world
mapped around those eyes
Her voice so melodious
That it sounds like a
Nightingale Singing passionately
And it would draw
Everything around without acquiesces
Her smile so glorious
That it would seem enough
To light up all my nights
And I am in love with her
She is beyond any words
And I am so deeply in love with her.
I can feel my agony
Fading, when the calm of
Her face faces me,
I can see how my life
Would look like,
Through her eyes.
I can feel how the
Affection grows stronger
Every time I get a glimpse
Of the serenity, she seizes

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Voice of Air

Whisper of air
I hear in my ear,
They seem like
They come from my hometown,
Calling out all the cherished moments,
They bring me the memories,
Of those innocent days,
All those talks of wisdom
I used to had with my Father
Under the beautiful sky,
Filled with stars,
They call out for my return,
As I pass through this Street
Called life
Somewhere in the corner of mind,
A stubborn child
Never stops yelling to
Leave these all behind,
And run to Life,
They scream you belong there
Not in this vast, rapid
Running city.

A fable

When I was a kid, I was instructed to come home before dusk. Because my mother used to say that the time just before and after sunset are demonic. That’s when all the Satan, witches and other creatures come down and dances. I always wanted to experience them, and I tried a lot to find them. I used to go out without telling anybody in search of those demons, I used to go out to experience their dance. I used to wander around the streets in search of them. I used to look for them just to tell others stories about them. Just to tell others that how they danced, how they walked on their mirrored foots. But I never got to see or meet any of them.

Now when I’m a grown up I feel them. Just when the shadow of darkness falls, and the breeze touches my body, I feel scared. All those demons, in the shape of sadness, sorrows, memories, grievances, they sing into my ear and they dance in front of my eyes. They sing and dance insanely, louder than the thunderstorms. All their voices, they hurt a lot. Due to fear I take a corner and curse in the evening. I don’t like evenings anymore. I don’t like meeting the demons anymore.

Past and Present

Now that i am nothing
But a body made of flesh, blood and spine
Now that my companions
Unaware about the thoughts
And feelings of mine
They ask me to write
Write what beauty is
Write what ingenuity is
That i should write about love
That i should write about creatures
They don’t know that
The age of happinesses are far gone now
How would i tell them that
The wraith of sorrowful weather
Has now descended my heart
How would i tell them that
The time of my laughs
And of fragrances
Are overthrown now
My face and phase is paled now
Person who once cared for me
Long that person is bygone now

An introvert’s diary

I know a guy

He looks like me

But he is not exactly me

Maybe he’s my shadow

Maybe i’m his,

Shadows are something which always stick to us. 

Tawny in color, hairs like a black thick wall

Eyes shrunken, body like a floating river.

He appears like an old tree,

Talks like an old soul,

Most of the time

Not a word from mouth,

But when he does it comes as a shock.

He looks calm like a dead island,

Face as if he has been wafting around thoughts,

Silent like he has been wrecked,

Sagaciously hiding the feelings,

Awkwardly behaving against strangers.

But there’s an other side of him i know about,

That he’s more than a guy addicted to sleep,

That he’s more than a social media geek,

He’s more than a guy glued to his phone, 

That not always he keeps his face burried in books,

He also likes talking to people,

But with the ones he trusts. 

He likes joining the parties,

Accompanied by his known ones. 

He also likes having a long conversation,

But Not the dizzy ones.

Although he stays alone most of the time,

But what’s wrong in that?

Stop stereotyping him,

He’s someone,

Someone you never glanced upon,

Try giving him a chance,

You would never leave him.

He has a world of his own,

His own imaginary world,

He don’t open up easily,

Make an effort to open him up,

He needs time to think about interaction,

He needs  time to build up the next conversation.

“Farrago of Feelings” 

‌I feel exhausted these days. I feel hollow. I feel like something is being ripped off me. In some part it is kinda scary. And Almighty knows the reason, I got no specific ground behind these feelings. Maybe it is the feeling of getting older which haunts me. Teenage years are complicated and are scary as hell. But it is only in those years we learn millions of wisdom and lessons. They are the years in which we make mistakes without any regrets. Maybe it is the feeling of getting away from those beautiful as well as ugly times. My head spins like I am going through my worst nightmare. I am getting lost in thoughts a lot these days. Maybe of some person, maybe of some place, maybe of some memory. I just can’t explicitly what it is. All I know is that they attack majorly. School days are history now. I am going to be a college lad in a few days. But sometimes I feel like I should stop participating in the game. I feel like I should go back to the old streets, my hometown, my little beautiful home, where I played, stumbled and stood, where I used to have my own “me time” with no heavy load in the mind. I feel like they are calling out my name. I feel like I should run towards them. Run and keep that thing going on. Run like there’s nothing left behind to stop for.

“Its getting hard”

Beloved school life

Remember the moments i had with you ?

The mischievous acts i used to do?

U’ve seen me,


U’ve seen me,

Stumbling around the

Corner of mistakes i made!

Uve thousands of my mistakes..

Buried in you!

I‘ve learned millions of wisdom,

In the lap of your fragrances

Remember the days i used to make excuses,

To skip the tests, 

How i used to make it first to the class,

The other day…

Remember my little gang of

selfless lads,

Yes world call them friends! 

U’ve seen that gang,

Rumbling around the town,

Bunking the school,

Hanging out to the same place,

Again and again! 

U’ve witnessed some of my best time,

Its getting hard to leave the,

safe confine of your walls..

Going away from you,

Is causing perturbation.

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